Transperineal Insertion of Fiducial Markers +/- SpaceOAR.

Transperineal (TP) insertion of fiducial markers +/- SpaceOAR is a procedure for patients who are about the undergo radiotherapy for treatment of prostate cancer. The procedure is very similar to prostate biopsies. The seeds assist in the planning and your radiotherapy treatment, as it helps focus the radiation to the prostate and avoid unnessary radiation to the surrounign structures such as bladder and the bowel. The SpaceOAR is a hydrogel which is injected into the space between the prostate and the rectum. This results in lifting the prostate away from the rectum and reduces the dose of radiation to the rectum even further. This in turn, reduces the side effects of rectal toxicity from the radiation such as proctitis (inflammation of the rectum), diarrhoea, bleeding and long term risk of rectal cancer. The SpaceOAR gel dissolves after 3-4 months (after the radiotherapy has been completed).

This is completed as a day case procedure under a general anaesthetic