A Vasectomy is a safe, permanent method of contraception for men who have completed their family or who have decided not to have children. No method of contraception is 100% effective but a vasectomy is one of the most effective options available with a failure rate of much less than 0.1%. After having a vasectomy, the chances of pregnancy are around one in 2,000. The operation does not affect a man’s ability to produce male sex hormones, enjoy sex or reach orgasm.

It is considered a permanent method of contraception that involves cutting and blocking the tubes in the scrotum (the vas deferens) that carry sperm from the testicles to the penis. The body then safely reabsorbs any sperm already inside the testicles over time. Vasectomy can be performed under general anaesthesia at the Epworth Hosptial. The procedure takes approximately 20-30mins. You will not be able to drive afterwards and will need to arrange for someone to drive you home.

Alternatively Mr Paul Kearns can also perform the vasectomy under a local anaesthetic in our consulting rooms at the Granada Medical Centre. It takes approximately 20-30mins. You will need to arrange for someone to drive you home after the procedure.


  • You will NOT be sterile immediately after your vasectomy. Sperm are still present in the tubing beyond the vasectomy site and can reach the semen.
  • Ejaculations after vasectomy remove the remaining sperm from the vas deferens. After a vasectomy, it will take at least 3 months for the remaining sperm to be eliminated from your vas deferens.
  • As a result of this, you would need to CONTINUE WITH YOUR USUAL CONTRACEPTIVE until your sterility is confirmed by a semen analysis which shows that there are no live sperm remaining.
  • Please ensure the sperm count is done 3 months post procedure.


Rest is the most important part of your post-surgery healing. Expect to spend the first two or three days off your feet, either in bed or on the couch with your feet elevated

  • The local anaesthetic will wear off within a couple of hours. After that, it’s normal to experience some cramping in the lower abdomen and discomfort in the area of the scrotum.
  • Minor swelling or bruising of the scrotum is also normal, but this should go away after two weeks
  • You can use ice packs to soothe the area, and reduce any swelling or discomfort
  • You can also take paracetamol for minor pain. Avoid taking ibuprofen or aspirin the first 48 hours after the procedure, because these can increase the risk of bleeding or bruising around the incision.
  • Sutures will dissolve in approximate 3 to 4 weeks from surgery. DO NOT TRY TO REMOVE THESE EARLY BY PULLING ON THEM.
  • Do not undertake heavy lifting, straining at constipation or strenuous exercise for 10 days to 2 weeks following the procedure.


  • You can return to your normal diet immediately
  • Eat a diet high in fibre to prevent the need for straining when using your bowels


  • Avoid for 4-7 days after surgery unless otherwise instructed by your doctor:
    • strenuous activity
    • heavy lifting (eg. grocery shopping, picking up children)
    • sexual activity
    • engage in sports
  • Avoid driving a car, motorcycle or ride a bike for 24 hours after your procedure and do not walk home or travel alone by public transport if you have had a general anaesthetic


  • Bleeding, bruising or severe swelling in the scrotum possibly requiring further surgery
  • Infection of the testicle or the incisions requiring antibiotics or surgical drainage
  • Failure of the procedure
    • Early (1 in 300) – discovered on your post-operative semen analysis
    • Delayed (1 in 2000) – pregnancy achieved years after procedure and clear initial semen analysis
  • Chronic pain in your testicle (up to 5% of men)

NOTIFY GEELONG UROLOGY or your GP if you experience any of the following:

  • Heavy bleeding from the incision
  • Increasing swelling of the scrotum or swelling around the surgical sites
  • Increasing pain
  • Redness spreading from incision points
  • Fever (with a temperature of more than 37.5 degrees) or chills
  • Any other concerns regarding your surgery


You will need to have an appointment for 1 week after your vasectomy with the Nurse to check the incision sites and for you to collect your semen analysis kit. Once the semen analysis is completed Geelong Urology will send you a letter of confirmation that your vasectomy was successful.

If you have any queries please contact Geelong Urology on 03 5229 9105 during business hours OR leave a message on the After Hours Urology Paging Service 03 9387 1000